Migration from v1

TL;DR: most v1 users won't need to do anything. Any .sr-only stylesheet rules can be removed and also the bootstrap5PaginationPreset can be removed (see first two points below)

Removing '.sr-only' css styles

.sr-only is no longer required and can be removed from stylesheets

v1 used the .sr-only css class for screen reader visually hidden content. v2 uses aria attributes and no longer outputs visually hidden span tags - therefore the .sr-only css styles are now redundant and can be removed from stylesheets.

If the old visually hidden span behaviour is preferred this can be re-enabled using srOnlySpanLabel for the new labelBehaviour prop:

import ResponsivePagination from 'react-responsive-pagination';
import { srOnlySpanLabel } from 'react-responsive-pagination/labelBehaviour';
<ResponsivePagination ... labelBehaviour={srOnlySpanLabel()} />

Removing Bootstrap 5 preset

bootstrap5PaginationPreset no longer required

The current version outputs html compatible with both Bootstrap 4 and 5, so the bootstrap5PaginationPreset has no affect (and can be removed).

Bootstrap 5 (and 4) in v2:

import ResponsivePagination from 'react-responsive-pagination';
<ResponsivePagination ... />
// previously:
// import ResponsivePagination, { bootstrap5PaginationPreset } from 'react-responsive-pagination';
// ...
// <ResponsivePagination {...bootstrap5PaginationPreset} ... />

'srOnlyClassName' & 'a11yActiveLabel' migration

srOnlyClassName, a11yActiveLabel moved to the srOnlySpanLabel labelBehaviour

srOnlyClassName, a11yActiveLabel were used to configure the screen reader visually hidden spans in v1. The current version no longer uses visually hidden spans so these two props no longer have any affect. If the old v1 behaviour is re-enabled using the srOnlySpanLabel label behaviour (as outlined in the first section above) then these props can be used to configure the srOnlySpanLabel label behaviour:

import ResponsivePagination from 'react-responsive-pagination';
import { srOnlySpanLabel } from 'react-responsive-pagination/labelBehaviour';
<ResponsivePagination ...
srOnlyClassName: 'my-sr-only', // include either or both
a11yActiveLabel: 'active-label',

'narrowStrategy' migration

narrowStrategy prop replaced with narrowBehavior prop

The v1 narrowStrategy has been replaced with a new narrowBehavior prop which uses predefined narrowBehaviours exported from the react-responsive-pagination package. This change is to improve tree-shaking opportunities (which should lead to reduced bundle size).

Example for replacing v1 narrowStrategy='dropEllipsis':

import ResponsivePagination from 'react-responsive-pagination';
import { dropEllipsis } from 'react-responsive-pagination/narrowBehaviour';

Example for replacing v1 narrowStrategy={['dropEllipsis', 'dropNav']}:

import ResponsivePagination from 'react-responsive-pagination';
import { dropEllipsis, dropNav, combine } from 'react-responsive-pagination/narrowBehaviour';
narrowBehaviour={combine(dropEllipsis, dropNav)}

Below shows the v1 narrowStrategy values and their v2 narrowBehaviour replacements

v1 narrowStrategyreplacement narrowBehaviour
['dropEllipsis', 'dropNav']combine(dropEllipsis, dropNav)
['dropNav', 'dropEllipsis']combine(dropNav, dropEllipsis)

(NOTE - narrowBehaviour values and the combine helper above are not strings, they are imported from 'react-responsive-pagination/narrowBehaviour', see code example above)

ResizeObserver no longer polyfilled

If support for older browsers is still required, a ResizeObserver polyfill may need to be added to the project

In 2019 (when v1 was initially released), browser support for ResizeObserver was poor, so v1 included the resize-observer-polyfill. Today browser support for ResizeObserver is much better so it's no longer necessary to include this polyfill with v2 (reducing bundle size for the majority of users where it's not needed)

If support for older browsers is still required then resize-observer-polyfill should be installed in the project, see the resize-observer-polyfill readme for details.