Specify that nav buttons («/») and/or the ellipsis () can be dropped for very narrow widths (useful if the component is used in narrow widths with high page numbers)

Valid behaviours should be imported from react-responsive-pagination/narrowBehaviour, example:

import ResponsivePagination from 'react-responsive-pagination';
import { dropEllipsis } from 'react-responsive-pagination/narrowBehaviour';
<ResponsivePagination ... narrowBehaviour={dropEllipsis} />

Valid NarrowBehaviours:

dropEllipsis - drop the ellipsis () for narrow widths
dropNav - drop the nav («/») for narrow widths
dropFirstAndLast - drop the first and last pages for narrow widths

The default behaviour is to not drop any elements (this may change in a future major release)

Using Multiple NarrowBehaviours

Multiple NarrowBehaviours can be combined using the combine helper (also imported from react-responsive-pagination/narrowBehaviour), example:

import ResponsivePagination from 'react-responsive-pagination';
import { dropEllipsis, dropNav, combine } from 'react-responsive-pagination/narrowBehaviour';
narrowBehaviour={combine(dropNav, dropEllipsis)}

The behaviours will be applied in order so in this example, combine(dropNav, dropEllipsis) will drop the nav («/») initially and then further drop the ellipsis () if required